Stephen Ishmael ~ Director & Co-Founder
Stephen Ishmael is the Director and founder of Two Feet Project. He has a B.A. in Intercultural Studies, with an emphasis on East Africa. He spent a year living abroad going to school at USIU-Nairobi; where he studied International Development. He has spent the last 10 years visiting Kenya and other countries throughout Africa. He has spent over 3 years on the continent working with various ministries and programs. In Kenya he has done everything from teaching in schools, working with street youth, mentoring children in orphanages, and speaking at Youth Detention Centers. He has also spent significant time in, Uganda, South Africa, Rwanda and Mozambique, partnering with various organizations throughout the continent. He has a deep love for Africa and the country of Kenya specifically. “For the majority of my life I have felt a deep desire to give back to the country that has affected my life unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m excited and humbled to be able to work with youth in Kenya and I’m looking forward to the future of the Two Feet Project.
Nate Yokers ~CFO & Co-Founder
Nate is a founding member of TFP and was part of the first team that traveled to Kenya in 2011. Born and raised in Seattle, he graduated from Tyee high school and later attended Northwest University in Kirkland. After getting his BA in accounting and finance, he worked in the financial field for a number of years, primarily focused on equity and currency trading. In 2012, he was approached by Club Jubilee Sports, a non-profit in Bellevue, WA, about working with them inside the Bellevue school district. Seeing the opportunity to mentor kids through sports here at home, he switched career paths completely and is currently the site coordinator at Tyee middle school, where he organizes and runs the after school sports program.He and his wife, Abby, are happily married and live in Juanita, Wa. They both feel extremely blessed to be a part of TFP.
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Samual Ngigi Kamau ~ Nakuru Director & Society 43 FC Coach
Samuel is currently the coach of TFP’s soccer team Society 43 FC. Samuel was born and raised in Nakuru, a city about 2 hours drive northwest of Nairobi and the same city that Society 43 FC calls home. He still calls Nakuru home with his wife Mary and son Nathan. He has seen first hand many of the struggles that face the youth of his city. With many of his peers unable to attend school, Samuel saw how a lack of purpose and opportunity often drew his friends into destructive and sometimes illegal activities. Sports have long been a passion for Samuel and in many ways futbol has been a saving grace for him. His pursuit of the sport has helped him maintain focus and steer clear of the many pitfalls that ensnared the youth of his generation. He wants to provide that opportunity for others. He brings leadership, passion, and accountability to not only the young men that he coaches, but also to the community in which they live in.


Lucy Gathuita ~ Girl’s Program Co-coordinator
Lucy is a 24 year old Kenyan national living working part time for Two Feet Project. She currently resides in Kahawa West and is currently a student at United States International University, just outside the capital Nairobi. Lucy is majoring in International Relations and is working towards a career in social work. Lucy leads the female programs in a local slum called Kajiji, as well as assisting Faith and Mary with mentorship of young girls in Nakuru. Having grown up in a children’s home, Lucy is passionate about sharing her experiences with those that are going through the same experiences she went through. “I have a passion for at risk girls and it is my dream to help as many of them as I can with the experience I have…working with TFP is a great start for me and I’m excited to be a part of the Two Feet Project team.”
Faith Mwaniki ~ Girls Program Coordinator & Community Center Manager
Faith was born in 1989, the only girl in a family with two brothers. She was born in a district called Laikipia, in Nakuru. Raised in a Christian family by a single parent, Faith’s mother allowed Faith to see firsthand what a strong woman can accomplish in Kenya. Faith’s mom immediately became her greatest motivator in life. Faith completed her high school education by 2010. Desiring to get more involved with social work Faith joined the Technical University of Kenya to study International relations and diplomacy, graduating in April 2014. Faith is a strong willed lady who is very passionate about encouraging and mentoring young at risk girls.Faith leads all the TFP girls programs in Nakuru that include the girl’s soccer team, Society Starlets, the Feminine Hygiene Program, and managing all activities and events at the community center. Always providing professionalism, Faith make’s sure that the young girls that are involved in TFP are safe and taken care of.