Why Youth?

Kenyan society is primarily a youth culture, with 64% of the population under the age of 25.

Today in Kenya, the youth are better educated and much more connected to the world through technology than ever before. However, while the level of education in Kenya continues to rise, the number of job opportunities has not.  It is imperative for national development that the youth are able to hurdle this gap between education and opportunities.  This generation has incredible potential to transform the economic, cultural, social, and political landscape in Kenya. Therefore, being purposeful in equipping the youth population for a successful transition into adulthood is paramount.


Why investing in Kenyan Youth is so important

– Unemployment rate for youth (15-24) = 1 in 4 – More than half of those in prison are aged 16-25 - Out of all primary students (elementary) → 45% Advance to secondary (high school) → 9.8% Advance to University


Kenyan Youth Survey

- 80% = Believe the Kenyan Government is not addressing problems with youth.
- 78% = Believe existing youth policies are not addressing the problems facing youth.