Camp Winema

Camp Winema

Last month at an Oregon summer camp in Winema, eighty high school students got together and made a decision to change a life. The result was a prime example of what can happen when people come together with a shared desire and prove that when there is passion, something ridiculously beautiful can happen.

Two Feet Project had the honor of speaking to this large group of high school men and women at Winema Christian Camp. It was TFP’s first high school camp experience and we were excited to engage the youth of Oregon, inform them on the daily struggles that Kenyan youth face, and in the end, show the similarities between youth all over the world.

The world changers that attended the camp graciously learned about the despair and hope in Kenya for 45 minutes each day. When the camp closed, and all was said and done, they did something remarkable. The students raised over $2,000 to send a young girl in Kenya to school. They made the decision to put aside selfish desires or personal need and instead pursue something far greater than themselves, and far greater than you or I. They decided to be apart of a meaningful story!

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to those who put the camp together and allowed Two Feet Project to be a part of it. You’ve inspired us. You’ve challenged us. And you’ve allowed us to partner with you as we live a better story, a story of scandalous love.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you campers, counselors, and leadership. You’ve drastically changed a life and we applaud you for the hope you have created!

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