Thousands of young men and women in Kenya grow up with the aspirations of one day attending University and continuing their education. Unfortunately, very few will be able to afford this type of opportunity.

Two Feet Project is passionate about the importance of education, so we created the Two Feet Project Scholarship Program. Our very first candidate applied and was accepted in May of 2013 and today over 50 young men and women have received educational scholarships. It is because of your support that young men and women who had given up hope are now able to continue their education and pursue their dreams. TFP’s scholarship program is unique compared to most scholarship programs. All candidates accepted into the program must interview for the scholarship so they understand they earned the scholarship, they must maintain a certain grade average based on personal ability, and perform monthly community service.All of  this is to maintain accountability and ensure that the youth in the program take the opportunity seriously. Giving each candidate personalized attention and stressing accountability throughout his or her University studies allows for a substantial increase in the effectiveness of your donation.