Feminine Hygiene

UNESCO estimates that one in 10 African adolescent girls in remote areas misses school during their menses and eventually drops out because of menstruation related issues. Many girls in Kenya miss 3-5 days of school every month during their monthly periods due to lack of sanitary towels. Along with proper materials there is a need to provide information to girls about their bodies and menstruation itself. Studies have shown that girls and women living in remote areas and slums possess limited knowledge about their bodies, let alone the biological process of menstruation. In some parts of Kenya, this issue is treated as a taboo topic, effectively limiting access to relevant and important information for women.

It is this lack of needed products and education that led to the creation of the Two Feet Project’s Feminine Hygiene Program in early 2013. TFP has started a new partnership with Days For Girls, a Washington based organization, to be able to provide reusable hygiene products to underprivileged girls, ensuring that all girls involved in TFP have the knowledge needed to succeed in all other endeavors.