Two Feet Project is committed to the long-term goal of sustainability. While the way in which we attain sustainability may take on different forms, our overarching goal is to provide youth with the resources to continually grow as individuals, developing the tools necessary to provide for themselves and others. It is not enough to simply give material things. We want the youth within our program to be able to stand back, take stock, and see that what they have has come from
personal hard work and dedication.

Sustainability not only allows TFP youth to provide for themselves, but also allows your donations to be put toward other needs, creating a larger impact on Kenyan youth and Kenya as a whole. TFP’s first sustainability project is a clothing shop located in Nakuru, Kenya. The shop is run by one of our TFP-sponsored soccer teams. It currently employs three players from the team, all chosen by the team, and provides the needed financials for the team to continue to impact the community, paving the way for more sustainability projects like this one. Other sustainability opportunities consist of jobs such as raising chickens, taxi services, carpentry, opening a barbershop, and many more.