Empowering Young Women

Empowering Young Women

Lucy aspires to make a difference. She desires to impart her wisdom and experiences to girls growing up in Kenya. It is a desire she shares with thousands of young men and women in Kenya. This is the passion which has propelled Lucy to work with Two Feet Project.

As one of TFP’s newest employees, she is passionate about changing the lives of the many young women in Kenya. This passion was evident this past week where Lucy, along with TFP volunteer Shae’ Robison, put on a Feminine Hygiene Clinic for all the young girls residing in the home at Kings Kids Village, a local children’s home just outside Nairobi.

Thousands of young Kenyan girls miss out on their schooling and other various activities throughout the year as a result of not having the basic knowledge and accessibility to feminine hygiene products. This puts the majority of young ladies in Kenya at a large disadvantage to their male counterpart in terms of receiving a higher education and participating in certain activities. According to a recent study reported by the New York Times, girls can be losing one-fourth of their education to menstruation. In Kenya, girls in grades 4-8, who have reached puberty, miss on average 6 learning weeks/year due to menses (i.e. one and half school months in a year) (MoE, 2011). A girl in grade 4 will miss up to 30 weeks by the time she completes grade 8. This contributes to an increase in the existing gender disparities in access, retention, transition and achievements in education. What does this mean? Due to the inability to attend school during her monthly cycle, a young Kenyan girl in poverty will on average be a year behind in schooling.

In response to this rampant problem, Two Feet Project has felt the need to provide a platform of education on the matter. The purpose of the one-day clinic was to provide an education on proper hygiene for young girls and give them a chance to ask questions that may be too embarrassing to ask to their teachers, other classmates, and parents.  It included basic hygiene information, giving examples on what will happen during puberty, the changes in their body, how to avoid infections, and showing them how to properly use feminine products.

Lucy and Shae’, along with the rest of the TFP staff desire to see an end to the disparities in access, achievements, and opportunity in young women’s lives due to not having the proper feminine hygiene products they need. Moving forward, Two Feet Project wants to continue providing education through these clinics for all of the girls in our projects, along with providing them with the proper feminine products they need each month.  We have seen how these opportunities help empower the young women and we are excited to see the lives changed because of them. From the response of the young girls who were involved in this past clinic, Kenyan girls are eager for this knowledge and excited for the opportunity it provides.

To learn more about how you can partner with Lucy, Shae, and the rest of the Two Feet Project Team, email twofeetproject@gmail.com or become a TFP member and change lives in Kenya by donating here.

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