Meet Stevephine

Meet Stevephine

You may not know him, but odds are you’ve already seen him. His face is plastered on the promotional ad for this year’s Two Feet Project Social Event and Silent Auction coming up on October 18th, but what’s the story behind this young man?

Stevephine’s story once read like those of most young men and women in Kenya. Yet his life, like many others now, has been forever impacted by your support. A new chapter is unfolding. Where his story was once filled with despair, it now exudes purpose and meaning.

“My name is Stevephine Boaz. I was born on the 6th of November in 1990, in the town of Nakuru. I am cobbler by profession, and a footballer at Society43 FC. Life as a young Kenyan boy was a bit difficult back then. One had to balance three major things—schoolwork, domestic responsibilities, and football. As a pupil I had to walk for a long distance to get to school, give my best shot in class & perform. As a member of a family I had to stand in my position both as a son, and as an elder brother to my younger brother & sister. Football came last in my day’s program but first at heart.

Life as a teenager was very complicated. Challenges trickled in day by day. One really had to be sober in the decisions they made, keeping in mind that one wrong move would lead them in the wrong direction. I know I made the right choices, and the reason was so that my younger siblings could do the same and avoid trouble. As a son and brother, things were not any different. Challenges grew as I grew. I had to drop out of school when I was in form 3 (high school) due to the lack of school fees. I did this as a sacrifice to my younger siblings. Money was a problem at home and my parents had the three of us to educate. I paved the way for them so they can have a better life and I joined my parents in search of school fees for my siblings.

I caught wind that an organization called the Two Feet Project was setting up in town, and that it would cater to a lot of young footballer’s lives, both talent wise and spiritually. And so I prayed to GOD that these words were true. Feb 12th, 2013 came and my prayers were answered. Two Feet Project had indeed set up in our town and had formed a team by the name Society43 fc, and that day was our first training. This is where I’d wanted to be.

Things are different now, and I can play football with minimum pressure. No worries about league expenditures or the team’s travel costs. Now I can focus more on supporting my family. Thanks to TFP, now I know more about God through the devotions that we go through, and that makes me more secure and confident on and off the field of play. I’m thankful for the hard work of all who’ve made this possible and the generosity of all the donors”.


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