Sports are the universal language. It knows no boundaries and has the ability to unite people from all walks of life. It draws people and community and allows for the opportunity to change the lives of those involved. Two Feet Project focuses on bringing the power of sport to disadvantaged communities with no available recreational soccer activities. The program targets youth to maximize lifetime benefits related to education opportunities and community involvement. Youth sign up for the year-long program with sessions that are usually held three times a week. Sessions include participatory activities and games followed by “learning circles” and are focused around four core components:

Soccer skills (e.g., dribbling, goalkeeping and tactics).

Health, physical, and spiritual development (e.g., nutrition, hygiene, HIV and AIDS and malaria prevention, daily devotions).

Social development and life skills (e.g., gender equality, friendship, teamwork, fairness, rights and responsibilities, caring for the environment, communication and leadership)

4) Community Service.

Local community members are trained as instructors for the program. Two Feet Project has hired both a boys and a girls team coach that is in charge of practices, games, and overall stability of team to ensure adherence by Two Feet Project team members to the player code of conduct all players sign.
  Two Feet Project has also developed manuals for these instructors that structure the core four core components into a soccer-based TFP sport for development curriculum.

Two Feet Project’s goal with soccer mentoring is to empower Kenyan youth to change behavior through the use of integrated sport activities. Not only do we aim to improve physical fitness and the quality of life for the youth in Kenya, but we aim to promote volunteerism as a means of building the capacity and leadership necessary for communities to drive development process. Through a low-cost, accessible and sustainable community-based soccer program, TFP seeks to encourage broad-based, long term socioeconomic development from the community level to the national level.

Why soccer? 

While there are many positive sporting experiences, soccer is the most universally accessible; at its most basic level it offers playing opportunities that are low-cost, physically beneficial, inclusive, and enjoyable. Soccer is a global phenomenon and an essential link that unites youth, communities and countries. When harnessed properly, soccer also has the ability to inspire and empower the mind, body and spirit and create opportunities for development and health. Soccer enjoys worldwide popularity and is the most popular sport in Kenya, making it the perfect platform from which to develop physically, socially, and individually.

Two Feet Project believes that the potential of soccer to make change is deeper than simply playing the game. Rather, our programs are built around the philosophy that soccer’s interpersonal environment has unique potential to meaningfully impact participants.  Within that environment, youth are exposed to the benefits of soccer and team sports for their bodies, voices, and minds, and supported in the application of these benefits to their everyday lives and future goals. For the youth living in Kenya, soccer gives them constructive recreational activities and helps keep them off the streets. It provides an avenue for positive engagement, a path for personal growth, and a platform for a brighter future

Two Feet Project currently has two soccer teams; Society43 F.C. boys and Society Starlets girls’ teams. Each player on both respective teams has responsibilities, signs a code of conduct contract, and partakes in community service.  All of this helps foster camaraderie and community development and hereby aids in creating culture change.