TFP and Society 43

TFP and Society 43

It is effortless for a business to merely place a signature on a donation check, doing just enough to meet the government requirements for a tax deduction. For a certain business based out of Eugene, Oregon, however; being charitable goes further than just ink on a check. Society 43 believes that making a positive impact, both locally and globally, is an important responsibility of every business. Society 43 strives to make that positive societal change through financial support of non-profits, strategic partnerships, and developing relationships established by their business of stylish personalized sunglasses.

In fact, making a lasting impact was one of the reasons founder Jason Bolt started Society43.  “I got into business because I knew I could have a much greater impact on the world through my company than I could ever achieve by myself.”

From its conception, Society 43 has been an advocate and supporter of Two Feet Project.  Society43’s belief in TFP was the motivation for the company to become the original financial supporter of the organization.  And, the firsts continue, as Society43 has become the first core investor; helping assist TFP with administration costs, thus assuring other TFP donors, that every dollar given is being used to assist those we reach out to, in line with our mission statement.

But Society43’s support doesn’t end with a paycheck.  Their desire to make a lasting impact is not just words!  They live out.

In the spring of 2013, several key leaders of Society 43 will be traveling to Kenya with Two Feet Project. During their time in Kenya, they will meet young men and women whom they have impacted through their support. They will forge relationships and will have the opportunity to speak to local youth on issues that affect them in their daily life. Their visit will bring business training, life teaching, and hope to the young men and women of Kenya that they have been supporting.

This unique desire to go the extra mile has not gone unnoticed by the Two Feet Project Team!  “We’re extremely honored to have the support of Society43,” says Two Feet Project founder Stephen Ishmael, “They’ve supported us since the beginning!  Before anyone else believed in the organization, Society43 was there.  To be able to partner with a successful business who is passionate about youth; and a group of caring leaders who want to participate in what we do on a personal level, is a huge blessing and inspiration to us!”

It’s a perfect fit for both Society43 and Two Feet Project to partner on this endeavor!  “Our company is all about allowing fans to express their passion for their favorite sports teams through quality, creative products.  Two Feet’s use of sports to bridge cultural gaps and teach life lessons fits very well with who we are and how we want to get involved around the world” remarks Society43 founder, Jason Bolt.

Both organizations agree that at the end of the day the mission is people, not programs or profits. It is to engage culture, develop strategic partnerships, and strive to make a positive impact far greater than anything we could possibly do by ourselves. We are honored to be able to partner with Society 43 and together attempt to instill hope and impart positive change in the lives of the Kenyan youth.

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