Two Feet Project’s Newest Coach

Two Feet Project’s Newest Coach

For those of you wondering what’s new here at Two Feet Project, it’s high time you met Samuel; the newest member of the Two Feet Project team. When those of us within TFP decided to start our own futbol club, we knew that we’d need a passionate and gifted coach to head the team. Our search brought us to a man named Samuel Ngigi Kamau.

Samuel was born and raised in Nakuru, a city about 2 hours drive northwest of Nairobi and the same city that our new team Society 43 FC calls home. He has seen first hand many of the struggles that face the youth of his city. With many of his peers unable to attend school, Samuel saw how a lack of purpose and opportunity often drew his friends into destructive and sometimes illegal activities. He credits God for protecting him from falling into that lifestyle, saying, “I know it’s not by my own powers, neither is it by my own might, but by the will of God.”

Sports have long been a passion for Samuel. In many ways futbol has been a saving grace for him. His pursuit of the sport has helped him maintain focus and steer clear of the many pitfalls that ensnared the youth of his generation. He wants to provide that opportunity for others. He goes on to say, “The reason I love sports, and most importantly futbol, is very simple; sports and futbol stand for fairness, they represent hard work, and they are also a medium of unity across all nations, tribes, races, and genders.”

His love of the game is obvious and his excitement at this opportunity is infectious. As Samuel takes the helm for Society 43 FC’s upcoming season he sees big potential for this newly minted squad. Potential for chalking up some wins? Obviously. But much more than that, he sees the potential impact on the lives of the players and in the community that they live in. We here at Two Feet Project are very proud to welcome Samuel to our team.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Samuel and TFP’s new futbol club, or would like to find out how to donate, please contact us by clicking here

Watch a clip of Samuel in action at the training grounds with Society43 FC

Coach Samuel from TwoFeetProject on Vimeo.

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