Urgent Need

Urgent Need

Dear Partners,

I write you this letter with a sense of urgency. Two Feet Project is in the beginning stages of creating a soccer team for Girls in Nakuru, Kenya. While there is still a lot to be done to finalize this step, it has become clear to the leadership of Two Feet Project that there is a huge need for soccer opportunities for young girls.

Many young women have shown interest in creating a Two Feet Project soccer team, and while there are still some details that need to be arranged (i.e. practice field acquisition, final approval of a coach, and acquiring soccer equipment) we feel that this is an amazing opportunity that we need to pursue.

The reason for the urgency is the league starts on April 20th, and all registration needs to be completed by April 13th.  If we don’t have a team by these dates then we’ll have to wait until 2014 to get the team in the league. We currently have one of our Two Feet Project coaches in Nakuru talking with a couple of possible coaching candidates, and hope to have someone identified by next week.

The biggest obstacle is where the funding for the team will come from. Since this opportunity has arisen quickly, we aren’t prepared to financially support the team. We do however, have the resources to work with the team after all registration and equipment fees are acquired. This is where we hope you can help.

We are contacting everyone who we think would be interested in seeing the lives of young women benefit and change from participating on a soccer team. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to impact the lives of young women, giving them the chance to experience opportunities that have never been available to them.  Please understand, this isn’t about simply getting a team into a league!  This is about providing hope, purpose, gender equality, and self worth to young women who are desperately seeking it.

Below you will find why we believe this is such an important opportunity and the specific needs of the team.

  • Registration for the team into the league = 5,000 KES  ($60)
  • Players Card = 400 KES per player  ($5 per player, $100 for a team)
  • Referee’s = 1,200 KES per home game  ($15 per game, $260 a season)
  • Corporate Sponsored Jerseys = 187,000 KES ($2,200)
    • Corporate Sponsored Jerseys are jerseys that have the logo of their sponsor. This is a great opportunity for businesses or organizations to have a vision for the lives they’re impacting in Kenya. If you’re a business, or if you know of a business that might be interested in sponsoring a team please let us know.
    • Soccer Shoes = 20,000 KES per team ($240)
    • Soccer Cones = 3,000 KES ($40)
    • First Aid Kit = 2,000 KES ($25)
    • Transportation to away games = 8,500 KES for a season ($100)
    • Community Development Projects = 50,000 KES ($600)
      • Each TFP team is required to perform at least one community service event a month. This can consist of running a soccer camp for underprivileged kids, picking up trash, hosting discussions on community issues, leadership development, volunteering, mentoring kids, etc. The money raised for this would allow for the purchase of materials and resources to accomplish whatever the soccer team decides is a need for their community.

Total Cost = 307,125 KES ($3,625)

With your help, and the acquisition of the money needed to start the team, we will be able to accomplish the following things in the life of young women.

  • Community Development – provide teams with the resources to impact their communities
  • Self Respect – young women realize that they deserve to be treated fairly and with self respect
  • Opportunity – for many young women the opportunity to travel around the country and experience new things is very limited. This team allows for the expansion of their personal worldviews, challenging them and revealing a larger portion of life to them
  • Purpose and Hope – allows an opportunity to look forward to something that they enjoy, taking their mind off the hardships of daily life
  • Tribalism – allowing young women from different tribes to interact and work towards a common goal. This also gives the community a chance to see young people in action, ignoring the stigma of tribalism
  • Gender Equality- sports help put women on an equal level with young men

Two Feet Project is excited about the possibilities of this opportunity. We’re passionate about the youth of Kenya and this is a great way that we can continue to develop the future leaders as well as encourage and bring hope to the young women of this beautiful country. We pray that you will consider partnering with us to change lives.  To donate online go to www.twofeetproject.org and specify the reason for your donation or contact us directly at twofeetproject@gmail.com



Stephen Ishmael, Founder

Two Feet Project

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